10 Best Castle App Alternatives to Try in 2024

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Castle App has become the go-to entertainment hub for millions of users who want to stream movies, TV shows, web series, and live content on their devices for free. With its extensive media library, multi-language support, slick interface, and helpful features like the ability to download videos for offline viewing, it’s easy to see why the Castle App is so popular.

Castle Alternative apps

However, Castle isn’t available on the Google Play Store, and you have to download it from castle website. Users have to manually download updates from third-party websites. Additionally, some users may be looking for apps that offer more specific types of content than Castle, have higher-quality streams, or have additional features.

The good news is that there are plenty of excellent Castle App alternatives to try in 2024 that can meet or exceed Castle’s offering in many ways. These apps provide great user experiences for free video streaming, along with helpful extra features.

In this blog post, we will cover 10 of the best apps, like Castle, that are worth trying in 2024. For each app, we will summarize its standout features, pros and cons, and how it compares directly to Castle across key categories. Finally, we will conclude with a high-level comparison table of Castle vs. each alternative.

Let’s dive in!

Castle Alternative Apps

So here is the complete list of alternative apps that offer similar content as the Castle app, and you can try these apps when Castle is not working or is not available in your country. To help you find and download these apps, we have also linked to trusted sources. So read this post till the end, and you will get a list of similar apps like Castle.


DooFlix is an on-demand video streaming app offering unlimited Hindi entertainment for free. It provides thousands of Hindi movies, TV shows, exclusive web series and live TV channels. DooFlix allows HD streaming and offline downloads on Android devices. Its vast content library makes it the top choice for Hindi audience globally seeking entertainment on demand and this is why dooflix is the number one altrnative of castle.


Standout Features

  • Download movies to devices storage
  • Chromecast in latest update
  • limited ads


  • easy-to-use interface
  • Frequently updates for content
  • Syncs viewing progress across devices using free account


  • No Native iOS Support

Compared to Castle, Pikashow edges out in terms of overall content library size and variety, covering more genres, countries, and languages. However, Castle still wins for its slick interface and helpful personalization features.


Pikashow offers an extremely varied catalog spanning movies, TV shows, documentaries, web series, and even some live content. Users can stream videos online or download them to watch offline later.


Standout Features

  • Download videos for offline viewing
  • Chromecast support
  • Multiple subtitles are available
  • No display ads interrupting streams


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Frequently updated with new movies and shows
  • Syncs viewing progress across devices


  • iOS app needs improvement
  • Missing personalized recommendations

Compared to Castle, Pikashow edges out in terms of overall content library size and variety, covering more genres, countries, and languages. However, Castle still wins for its slick interface and helpful personalization features.


In addition to thousands of movies and shows on-demand, ThopTV also offers live TV channel streaming from India and various other countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Bangladesh, and more.


Standout Features

  • 500+ live TV channels
  • Stream and download VOD videos
  • Multi-lingual interface
  • Video playlist creation
  • Chromecast support


  • The most extensive live TV catalog
  • Requests feature for new live channels
  • Easy navigation


  • Too many ads and popups
  • Frequent technical issues
  • no updates

For Indian users looking for local live TV, ThopTV is a better option than Castle with its sheer number of supported channels. However, Castle has better overall stability and stream quality.

HD Streamz

As the name suggests, HD Streamz places a focus on high-definition live TV streaming from various countries along with supporting video-on-demand.

hd streamz

Standout Features

  • 300+ live TV channels
  • Video downloader
  • Supports external video players
  • Multi-lingual interface


  • Smooth playback quality
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Regular new channel additions


  • Limited movie/show catalog
  • Too many ads

Specifically for live TV, HD Streamz outperforms Castle by a good margin. But Castle has a much more extensive and higher-quality VOD catalog.


DixMax is an increasingly popular entertainment app in Spanish-speaking countries focused on streaming Spanish-language content like TV shows, movies, documentaries, sports, and more.


Standout Features

  • A huge catalog of movies and shows in Spanish
  • Video downloader
  • Casts videos to Chromecast
  • Personalized recommendations


  • Made specifically for Spanish speakers
  • Polished, modern-looking interface
  • Helpful content categories and filters


  • Limited international and English content
  • App stability issues on some devices

For native Spanish speakers and learners of the language, DixMax easily surpasses Castle thanks to its expansive language-specific content library. However, Castle still wins out in terms of mainstream Hollywood movies and shows.


Onstream describes itself as “one-stop entertainment,” with an eclectic mix of movies, TV shows, web originals, and more all available to stream or download.


Standout Features

  • Original, exclusive web series
  • Video downloader
  • Personal user profiles


  • Solid overall content variety
  • Smooth streams
  • Brand new movies every Thursday
  • Work well on Firestick


  • Mandatory between-video ads
  • Limited subtitle language options

Compared to Castle, Onstream edges out with its live sports content and flashy original series. But Castle supports more subtitle languages and doesn’t interrupt streams mid-video with ads.

MovieBox Pro

As its name suggests, MovieBox Pro largely focuses on Hollywood blockbusters, both new theatrical releases in glorious HD and older catalog classics.

movie box pro

Standout Features

  • New Hollywood movies in HD
  • Curated film collections
  • AirPlay and Chromecast support
  • Saves watch progress in cloud


  • Visually impressive interface
  • Regular global theatrical updates
  • Reliable HD quality


  • Doesn’t offer much TV content
  • Prone to buffering and lag

Strictly for movies, specifically high-quality Hollywood films, MovieBox Pro exceeds Castle. But Castle has a vastly more diverse content catalog, spanning movies, shows, web series, and some live TV.


InatTV is an Istanbul-based app focused squarely on Turkish speakers, offering live Turkish TV channels alongside an expansive on-demand library of Turkish series, movies, shows, documentaries, and kids content.


Standout Features

  • 500+ Turkish live TV channels
  • Extensive Turkish VOD catalog
  • Video downloader
  • Translated interface


  • Free Sports streaming
  • The top choice for Turkish content
  • Helpfully categorized on-demand library
  • Smooth playback


  • Almost exclusively Turkish content
  • Stability issues on some devices

If you speak Turkish or want to immerse yourself in Turkish entertainment, InatTV easily surpasses Castle for relevant content, while Castle massively exceeds InatTV for mainstream international content variety.


JioCinema is an Indian entertainment app filled with locally relevant Hindi and regional movies alongside popular Indian TV shows, Jio originals, music, news, and more. For live TV, you have to try JioTV, which also comes from JioCinema and is a separate application that offers only live TV channels in India.


Standout Features

  • Extensive India-focused catalog
  • Sports streaming
  • Jio exclusive originals
  • Free, limited access tier
  • Chromecast support


  • FREE Sports Streaming option
  • Made specifically for Indian audiences
  • Intuitive navigation and search
  • Smooth streams in HD


  • There is no live TV option in the app
  • The freemium model limits content
  • Sporadic tech issues

For Indian consumers foremost, JioCinema is tailor-made with local movies, shows, and exclusives. But Castle better caters to worldwide English-language content-hungry users.


Based in Timor-Leste, RTS TV uniquely specializes in live streaming an assortment of sports, news, educational programs, faith-based content, and various shows in multiple languages.


Standout Features

  • Eclectic range of live content genres
  • Saves backup of past live streams
  • Supports external players
  • Video downloader


  • Truly stands out with unique live content offering
  • Reliable HD quality
  • Ad-free viewing experience


  • On-demand movie and show library need growth
  • The mobile experience needs polish

For live content, especially international sports, RTS TV shines over Castle. But Castle absolutely dominates RTS TV for movies, shows, and overall mobile streaming polish.

Castle vs The Alternatives: Key Feature Comparison

Here is the comparison of the castle app with other alternatives, and this table will help you find which alternative is good for you and how the castle app is best for you.

AppContent VarietyIndian ContentStreams and DownloadsInterfaceFree Access
Castle AppGeneral entertainmentHindi + Regional movies & showsBothVery GoodYes
PikashowGeneral entertainmentHindi + Regional movies & showsBothGoodYes
ThopTVEntertainment + live TVIndia-focused live TVBothGoodYes
HD StreamzMostly live TVSome Indian channelsStreams onlyGoodYes
DixMaxSpanish contentNoBothPolishedYes
OnstreamEntertainment and sportsLimitedStreams onlyGoodYes
MovieBox ProHollywood moviesNoStreams onlySlickYes
InatTVTurkish content and Live Sports streamingNoStream onlyDecentYes
JioCinemaIndia-focused movies and TV ShowsExtensiveBothGoodFreemium
RTS TVLive content across genresYesStream onlyNeeds polishYes

For ad-free streaming content on the Castle app, you have to download castle mod apk.


With its combination of an exhaustive general entertainment media library and multi-language support spanning Hindi and various regional Indian languages, it’s easy to see why Castle App is the most popular one-stop-shop streaming app for Indian consumers.

However, depending on your specific needs and preferences, like more niche Indian or even Spanish content, Hollywood movies in HD quality, more live sports, or bringing in live TV, the 10 alternatives covered in this post can all outshine Castle App in their respective ways.

We suggest giving these Castle replacement options a fair try in 2024. Switching between apps is easy if you want to blend the unique perks and strengths of each one. Mix and match across a handful of these free video streaming apps for a complete entertainment experience catered to you.

Happy streaming! Let us know if you have any other questions about the Castle App or its alternatives.

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